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Prior to introduction, we rigorously tested our entire lineup of products to ensure maximum performance and durability under all conditions–including all seasons, water temperatures, depths, and environments. After all that, we can safely declare that SEDO – Intelligent Fishing Tackle provides a perfect solution any time, any place. With that peace of mind, you can focus all your energy on catching the fish of a lifetime.

SEDO strives to meet the needs of the modern, thoughtful carp angler

Our end tackle and hook types provide a wide range of reliable solutions for all types of anglers, from seasoned pros to the enthusiastic beginners. Our products especially serve sophisticated carp fishermen who are constantly monitoring the behavior of the fish and are therefore ready to adapt to changing circumstances. Whichever solution becomes necessary, they need the end tackle range to customize just the right solution.

Carp fishing can be extremely complicated

Its effectiveness depends upon, among other things, the season, weather, water temperature, time of day, natural food supply and feeding habits of the local fauna… and so on. SEDO’s range of end tackle aims to match that seemingly endless list of variables step for step.

Big carp fishing is a diverse sport that can be pursued on big, open waters, densely overgrown shorelines, in deep-water mines/gravel pits, or in tiny ponds. Wherever our fishing takes us, the goal is the same: catching the biggest carp and letting it go unharmed, while enjoying nature and preserving this wonderful sport for the next generation. With that in mind, SEDO – Intelligent Fishing Tackle is a major advocate for nature conservation and angler education while providing intelligent solutions. 

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