Rapid fishing


We spent the hottest day so far of 2019 on the waterfront. 11 fish were caught from 12 bites.  The biggest of the catches were 14.20kg, 12.70kg, 11.10kg, 10.70kg commons.

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S-2 Lake Spring trip


For my spring session I was looking for a relatively wild and quickly warming water. Given that I was on a new water, in the first half of the session I wanted to achieve a lot of bites. I decided to use SEDO – CurvX 6 hook on a  Ronnie Rig with a CFB Read more

SEDO Austria Isabel – Morocco


SEDO Team Austria – Marocco update , Markus moved to a new location where the second day Izabell caught a beautiful two-tone carp on a  SEDO – Wide Gape Extreme, congratulation!

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SEDO Morocco


Sedo – Team Austria team member Markus, fishing in Morocco with over 60 takes and a fish over 20kgs! His choice of hook is our Wide Gape Extreme size 4! One week left from the trip, congratulations and keep it up Markus!

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SEDO – Intelligent Fishing Tackle

SEDO strives to meet the needs of the modern, thoughtful carp angler. Our end tackle and hook types provide a wide range of reliable solutions for all types of anglers, from seasoned pros to the enthusiastic beginners. Our products especially serve sophisticated carp fishermen who are constantly monitoring the behavior of the fish and are therefore ready to adapt to changing circumstances. Whichever solution becomes necessary, they need the end tackle range to customize just the right solution.

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