Method feeder vol 2


SEDO – Team Feeder Ati tested the Krank hook with a small KickR on a quick one-day session, and had no loss of fish.

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SEDO – Method feeder. When the fish are eating carefully and the bite is slow, the solution is our slim and razor-sharp hook the SEDO -Tilted. Recommended for method or boilie fishing.

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SEDO – Intelligent Fishing Tackle

SEDO strives to meet the needs of the modern, thoughtful carp angler. Our end tackle and hook types provide a wide range of reliable solutions for all types of anglers, from seasoned pros to the enthusiastic beginners. Our products especially serve sophisticated carp fishermen who are constantly monitoring the behavior of the fish and are therefore ready to adapt to changing circumstances. Whichever solution becomes necessary, they need the end tackle range to customize just the right solution.

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